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I can't imagine how much room I would need if I put up every picture that my daughters coloured and created. You select a few and they make it to the fridge. When you make a film it is much harder and takes more time to create and finish but your desire is to immediately "put it on the fridge". You send it to all the major festivals, blog about it, throw it up on YouTube and return every hour to see the view count and comments. What you really need to do is step away from the film for a bit and ask yourself if this is fridge worthy or just you developing your skills. Being on the jury at the Hamilton Film Festival, I see fridge films and I see filmmakers in development. It is really disappointing to pour your blood. sweat, tears and money into a film only to have it rejected or to get a low view count etc...but you have to compare your work with everything that is out there. If you find yourself making  excuses to your friends as to why your film is flawed, then it probably should be on a shelf rather than the fridge. That isn't a bad thing. You have to be realistic. I speak from experience. I spent thooousands of dollars on a 16mm film in 1998. Shot, processed, workprint, editing on 16mm, answer print, negative cutter. When I look at it I say "that was a great learning experience." My friends may see it but the light of day never will. Or the fridge. 


Nathan Fleet is a film composer and filmmaker based in Hamiton Ontario

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Comment by Trevor Varley on June 10, 2011 at 12:39pm
Well said Nathan. I think we have all been there. Maybe some won't admit it :-)
Comment by Ian on June 22, 2011 at 10:51am
Sometimes you have to send a film out there first to realize that it's not 'Fridge' worthy. We're all so close to our work that we may not see it for what it is right away. I entered the Hamilton 24 Festival film challenge and had no choice but to enter a film I thought was 'okay'. It was my first ever film. And it was my first ever learning experience in film. Still, I'm not above sending it out there for all to see since it will act as a gauge to how I improve (hopefully!). You make an excellent point though - there's a difference between sharing a film and entering it in a festival to be judged. Filmmakers need to take a step back sometimes - just a few - before they take a big step. Cheers.
Comment by nathan fleet on June 22, 2011 at 10:59am
You are already ahead of the game then Ian. So many new filmmakers take it to heart when their film isn't well received. When your movie is "on the fridge" it is open to any and all critics, good or bad. Try it out in a few festivals / audiences, see how it plays to other people that you don't know but if you get rejected, go to the festivals and see your competition. Cheers.


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