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Yep, that's right folks.  Want to experience linear editing at it's finest?  I have got the deals for you!

Remember betacam sp, and svhs?  Need some bnc patchbays?

Or how about a sony bvs 3200 video switcher?  You know you want it!  Just because you'll never use it doesn't mean you can pass up the opportunity to own any of these items.

Long story short- I am gutting my old studio and revamping/downsizing/upsizing/etc.  

For the basics:

sony bvs 3200 video switcher with manuals

sony bvw 70 betacam sp recorder/editor with manuals

2 sony bvw-60 betacam players, if I recall correctly, manuals included as well

2 bnc 2x48 patchbays

god knows about 8 miles of bnc cables, you pick the length, I have it.

and lord knows everything and the kitchen sink used to maximize all of this equipment, except the cameras.  

if anyone has any interest in anything that dealt with broadcast equipment related to any of this stuff, contact me

There is a ton more that I will list soon, and a bunch of lighting crud to go too.  Prices are very negotiable and low to begin with, I just need to sell this stuff off cheap so that I can make room for the new improved studio.

Orren Marshall

Yankee but friend of all countries. Because I don't believe in countries, I believe in people. Ha!

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